On the Rocks is producing the 25 min. short film "Sketch" with Writer/Director Stephen Barton on location in NYC.

  •  Historical Buildings

    Those were the days

  •  Reykjavik

    Old and new

  •  Mountains

    In all shapes and sizes

  •  Moonskapes

    Out of this world

  •  Lakes

    Frozen or not

  •  Icelandic Horses

    Five gates

  •  Greenland

    Ice Mass

  •  Waterfalls

    Icelandic Beauty

  •  Roads

    Roads in Iceland

  •  Hot Springs

    Raw Power

  •  Green Moss

    Stunning Scenary

  •  Glaciers

    Power of Nature

  •  Glacier Lagoon 1


  •  Glacier Lagoon 2


  •  Cabins Huts

    Around Iceland

  •  Black Beaches

    Black Gold